This page describes mouse and keyboard control functions in infra-CONVERT.

Key commands

The following is a list of keyboard control functions for infra-CONVERT:

Key combination Function Comments
s Selection: Select
m Selection: Select area
+ View: Zoom in
- View: Zoom out
w View: Select area Window
a View: Fit to window show All
p View: Move Pan
F5 View: Update
CTRL+0…9 Set feature type 1)
CTRL+O Open drawing
CTRL+P Drawing: Print
ALT+F4 Exit programme

Mouse controls

Control via the mouse in infra-CONVERT is based on a three-button mouse with scroll bar. The individual buttons are assigned as follows:

  • Left mouse button: This button activates the currently selected function.
  • Shift key + left mouse button: This combination can be used to select an area of the window which can then be displayed as full screen (see ⇒ Select area).
  • Ctrl + left mouse is used to activate the Move function.
  • Middle mouse button: This button is set to activate Move.
  • Right mouse button: This activates Context menu.
  • Mouse scroll wheel: The mouse wheel is set to operate the zoom in and zoom out functions. The zoom factor can be set in Settings.

Context menu

Clicking the right mouse button over a drawing activates the Context menu and provides access to commonly used Functions. The following popup appears:

Active functions

Currently active functions have a tick in front of their entry in the menu:

Active function

If the function is not active the tick is absent:

Inactive function

1) since version 11.10.0
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