Define drawing frame

This function is used to save stamp coordinates in the drawing. This data is only saved in Quality control plan formats “infra-CONVERT quality control plan” and “CSV” file formats.
There are three ways to define the drawing frame in infra-CONVERT:

The following window appears if Tip window has not been deactivated:

Tip text

The drawing frame is set in two steps:

  • First, click the origin point.
  • Second, click the opposite corner of the frame.


  • The mouse cursor changes to a cross when active: Cursor: Define drawing frame|
  • The area selected is centered on the cross.

A window appears:

Drawing frame

The following setting can be made in this dialogue window:

  • New selection: The corners of the drawing frame can be newly set.
  • Row Count: This is used to set the number of rows. Rows are automatically assigned letters.
  • Column count: This is used to set the number of columns. Columns are numbered automatically.
  • Edit: It is possible to edit the letters and numbers automatically assigned to rows and columns.
    You can use you own labelling for rows and columns for drawings. Entries must be separated by a double space.
  • Apply: Applies settings to the drawing and closes the dialogue window.
  • Cancel: Aborts the dialogue and discards changes.

Click on the corner of your drawing frame.

Zoom in

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